The History of Wayne Products

About Us

Wayne Products was founded in 1978 as a filter distributor and has evolved into a specialty industrial products manufacturer selling proprietary and complimentary products worldwide from suburban Philadelphia.

We began manufacturing Electra-Kool™ Filtered Ventilators in 1980 after speaking with a customer who had electrical components in his factory continuously failing due to heat and dust exposure. After introducing the product line, we learned that Electra-Kool™ units were also very effective at cooling DC motors and have been selling ventilators to motor repair shops since 1984. In the decades since, Electra-Kool™ units have been used for a wide variety of applications – see for examples! Electra-Kool ventilators are always a smart investment – prevent expensive factory downtime!

In 1989, Wayne Products found another way to help its customers operate their businesses more efficiently and expanded again, introducing our first generation Mini-Skimmer™ belt-type oil skimmer . Since then, Wayne Products has sold Mini-Skimmers™ by the thousands, expanding the product line to include Maxi-Skimmers™ for larger sump tanks, central coolant systems, aquifer monitoring wells, and environmental wastewater sites, in addition to accessories for each skimmer and custom skimmers for unique applications. Mini-Skimmers™ are a wise investment – they prolong tool life, reduce coolant costs, reduce waste disposal costs, and provide countless environmental and health benefits – see for more information!

Wayne Products has also been a national distributor for Royal Products’ Filtermist brand oil mist collectors since 1993 and a national distributor for Kooltronic air conditioners since 1995. Each brand compliments our proprietary brands perfectly and help us better serve our customers.

While Wayne Products’ Electra-Kool™ and Mini-Skimmer™ products vary widely in terms of size, all of our products are simple, reliable and effective. We serve a wide range of industries, including food processing, CNC machining, automobiles, foundries/refractories, aerospace, DC motor repair, steel, civil engineering, and environmental remediation. Through both brands, we are committed to preventing downtime in your facility, keeping your business running effectively & efficiently long after your Wayne Products purchase.

We manufacture all of our products from our 5,000 square foot facility in Broomall, PA, where we recently moved in February 2015 from nearby Malvern, PA. Our products are marketed and sold by us and distributed by major catalog houses, industrial supply companies and original equipment manufacturers.

Mini-Skimmers Building in Wayne, PA

Our customer service team is technically knowledgeable and can answer any questions that you may have. To learn more about Electra-Kool™ or Mini-Skimmer™, go to each brand’s respective website or, call us at 610-251-0933 or e-mail us at anytime.

We are a small business that is always available to our customers!


Wayne Products founded in a two-car garage in Wayne, Pennsylvania, distributing filters.


The first Electra-Kool™ Filtered Ventilator is sold for electrical cabinet ventilation.


Electra-Kool™ is first sold to a DC Motor Repair shop, expanding the brand into an entirely new customer base.


Wayne Products moves from Wayne to Malvern, Pennsylvania.


Mini-Skimmer™ launched!! Our core skimming product has been modified slightly since, but its simplicity and effectiveness has never waned.


Wayne Products begins distributing Filtermist oil mist collectors.


Wayne Products begins distributing Kooltronic air conditioners.


The SSP/2 Maxi-Skimmer™ is introduced – our larger skimmer for collection up to 6 gallons/hour. With a similarly simple design, SSP/2 collects more than Mini-Skimmer with the same reliability!


The SSV/5 variable speed Maxi-Skimmer™ is introduced – the only variable speed oil skimmer on the market. Collects up to 20 gallons per hour at a fraction the cost of competitors.


Wayne Products moves from Malvern to our current location in Broomall, Pennsylvania.