Stainless steel MINI-SKIMMERS™


Ultrasonic cleaners is a process that uses ultrasound waves to clean items submersed in a tank of water. The waves create lots of bubbles, lots as in millions, through a process known as cavitation. When the cavitation bubbles strike a surface, they implode with tremendous energy, increasing both temperature and pressure. The deluge of millions of tiny bubbles against a dirty object dislodges and breaks up oils or any other contaminants from every nook and cranny. The oils float to the surface of the water, where they are ready to be skimmed off.

Consequently, this is where the Wayne Products’ Mini-Skimmers with stainless steel belts come in. Using these oil skimmers for parts washers and ultrasonic cleaners to clean any size tank with stainless steel belts. Alternatively from the competitors, they stand up to the nastiest oils that will be removed from parts placed in ultrasonic cleaners. Absolutely, our Mini-Skimmers are rugged and reliable skimmers. Additionally, they are cost-effective solutions for skimming oils that come off the heavy production from automotive parts, aerospace parts, motorsports parts, medical devices, oil and gas refining parts, machining tools, and a variety of other industries.

Mini-Skimmer Oil-Skimmer on Ultrasonic Cleaner Stainless Steel Belt

The History Of Our Oil Skimmers for Parts Washers and Ultrasonic Cleaners

Similar to all Mini-Skimmmers, these oil skimmers are the longest-lasting on the market and will clean wastewater in ultrasonic cleaners. Mini-Skimmers are built by hand in Pennsylvania since 1989. Most importantly, you can find them skimming nasty oils from parts washers everywhere.

For larger cleaning applications, our Maxi-Skimmers™ also come with wide stainless steel belts and collect 20+ gallons of nasty oil per hour. Subsequently, perfect for truck washing systems or scrap metal yards. Altogether perfect for large drainage tanks that collect thousands of gallons of oily water. As a result, these Maxi-Skimmers will save thousands of dollars in water and disposal costs.

We offer preferred OEM pricing to manufacturers of ultrasonic cleaners everywhere. Call us and let us help you provide the best cleaning solution to your customers.

Mini-Skimmer Oil Skimmer Stainless Steel Belt Parts Washer