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MINI-SKIMMERS™ and MAXI-SKIMMERS™ as Food Grease Cleaners

MINI-SKIMMERS™ and MAXI-SKIMMERS™ are frequently used in food production – after all, producing food usually means producing lots of fats and greases too. Sold by Wayne Products since 1989, you can find Maxi-Skimmers™ hovering over many pits containing vegetable oils, animals fats, or other types of food-related grease. There are many restaurants that need oil skimmer treatment for their wastewater for proper disposal methods.  Like all of our products, our Maxi-Skimmers are much less expensive than our competitors’ oil skimmers with similar collection rates and are stocked and ready to ship right away.

Memphis Case Study: Using A Grease Skimmer on a Barbecue Grease Pit
Memphis Case Study: Using A Grease Skimmer on a Barbecue Grease Pit

Memphis BBQ Case Study by Wayne Products

Hello, Memphians! Making the delicious barbecue your city is so famous for isn’t a clean process. Smoking pork produces a LOT of grease and animal fats cannot simply be dumped down a drain. Barbecue restaurants that produce huge amounts of pork fat must remove it from their wastewater before disposing of it, which can be a costly endeavor. A prominent Memphis barbecue restaurant called us, claiming that they spent hundreds of dollars per week on a grease removal company and wondered if our Maxi-Skimmers™ could save them that cost. We said “of course” and shipped them one of our best grease skimmers: SSV/5 Maxi-Skimmer™ belt oil grease skimmer with a 4″ wide belt that reaches 9 feet down into their pit.

The SSV/5 Maxi-Skimmer has a variable speed motor that allows them to collect up to 20 gallons of grease per hour at a maximum speed of 93 RPM. Even at this high speed, our customer was worried that the fat would solidify before it could be scraped from the belt, so they installed a heat lamp over the oil skimmer to keep the viscous liquid flowing. (We offered them our heated chute option, which includes an adhesive-backed heated pad and heat control box, but we’re happy they found their own solution). Not only did our Maxi-Skimmer™ eliminate the high cost of grease-removal, but it provided them another revenue stream, as they began selling the skimmed, concentrated grease to a local tallow company. All in all, our customer said they are “beyond happy” with their Maxi-Skimmer purchase and we are thrilled it worked out so well for them. Contact us to find out more information on our grease skimmers.