Mini-Skimmer Oil Skimmers

The Most Reliable
Oil Skimmers on the Market

MINI-SKIMMERS & MAXI-SKIMMERS, industrial oil skimmers used throughout the world since 1989, are the MOST RELIABLE oil skimmers on the market.

Oil skimmers for industrial uses are the ideal for a machine shop. Importantly, cleaning coolant for over a decade and with a longer history than any competitor. Our oil skimmers offer features such as a permanent magnet synchronous motor, steel gears, and a portable drive envelope.

Cogged Belt

Our best-selling oil skimmer. Perfect for CNC machine sumps.

SS Belt

For Harsh Environments, Temperatures up to 220°F

Flat Belt

Economy belt oil skimmer with extra-long belts available.


Mini-Skimmer T.S.™

New, Rugged unit for enclosed sumps. Skims sideways!


Collects up to 6 gallons per hour with wider belts


The only Variable Speed, high-collection oil skimmers on the market. Up to 20 gph


For recreational machining or small CNC shops. On/Off switch for intermittent use.

OEM & International

Customize your skimmer to your specification. 220V/1/50Hz available.

Skimerator Logo

The SKIMERATOR® is the perfect complement to Wayne Products’ family of oil skimming products. The SKIMERATOR is a floating oil skimmer system that not only skims oil from your coolant, like our Mini-Skimmers, but also aerates your coolant to reduce bacteria growth and improve working conditions.

CLEAN & GREEN! The original SKIMERATOR® skims contaminating oils and aerates coolant so your CNC machine can perform at peak efficiency while extending coolant life – saving you time and money.

The SKIMERATOR uses no filters or consumables and is easily assembled and installed.

Skimerator Floating Oil System

Problems Solved with
Mini-Skimmer™ & Maxi-Skimmer™ Oil Skimmers

All of our oil skimmers are wise, long-term investments for you and your shop. MINI-SKIMMERS are extremely durable, with 1″ wide belts that collect up to 1 gallon per hour. Mini-skimmers are perfect for machine shops, ultrasonic cleaners, and parts washers.

Got a bigger job? MAXI-SKIMMERS are heavy-duty and reliable, with 2″ or 4″ wide belts. Each can collect up to 20 gallons per hour and are perfect for central coolant tanks, wastewater remediation, and monitor wells.

Dirty Waste Water Disposal

Oil Skimming Prevents Contamination

Oil Skimmers are necessary for cleaning oily wastewater before dumping it into sewage or waterway. Using an oil skimmer will effectively clean oily wastewater and can significantly reduce the cost of treating wastewater when compared to other treatment methods. Dumping oily wastewater can lead to an extremely large fine and/or a trip to your nearest correctional facility.

Dirty Coolant

Oil skimmers clean your CNC coolant, also known as tramp oil. Tramp oil can severely affect your coolant and will eventually reduce the efficacy of it. Disposal of dirty coolant can be expensive and there are actually benefits to disposing of oily wastewater properly.

Image of dirty CNC tramp oil
Closeup of CNC cutting tools


Clean coolant is more efficient and in addition to the quality of the product being improved, oil skimmers cut cycle times and reduce wear and tear on cutting tools. They can also increase the life of the filter in the water since tramp oil and sludge won’t be binding to it, and as mentioned above, reduces cost and maintenance.

Poor Working Conditions

An oily work environment can lead to skin and respiratory problems for your employees! Which again could lead to potential and unnecessary increased costs. An oil skimmer will prevent the work environment from being messy.

Oil covered working area with oil and rust on floor