Maxi Skimmer Accessories And More

We have the following oil skimmer and separator accessories and parts available for our MINI-SKIMMERS™ and MAXI-SKIMMERS™:

Part #30823 – Adjustable Stand

Part #30823 – NEW Adjustable Stand

  • Works for both Mini-Skimmer and Maxi-Skimmer oil skimmers
  • Made from durable 80/20® extruded aluminum that is lightweight, yet incredibly strong.
  • Adjustable height (up to five feet) and adjustable arm width (up to 2 feet) – this stand is perfect for any application in the field, especially for discharge into a 55-gallon drum.
  • Modifications to the stand, such as an extra shelf for a separator, are available upon request. 80/20® is incredibly versatile.

Part #33029 – Maxi-Sep™ Oil/Water Separator

  • Any oil skimmer, ours and our competitors’, will pick up some host fluid.
  • A simple design that works perfectly, Maxi-Sep separates 100% of oil from host fluid.
  • No moving parts. Mounting hardware included.
  • Works with all Maxi-Skimmers.
Part #33029 – Maxi-Sep™ Oil/Water Separator

Large oil skimmer
replacement belts:

Reach (ft)2-Inch Wide Flat Poly4-Inch Wide Flat Poly2.25-Inch Wide SS4-Inch Wide SS

Part #90119 – Sump Deodorizing Tablets (Pack of 15)

  • Get rid of the “Rotten Egg Smell” that can stink up your shop!
  • Eliminate bacteria that can grow in your coolant tanks.
  • Piece of Cake! Just drop ONE tablet into 25 gal of liquid for 2 weeks of relief.
Part #90119 – Sump Deodorizing Tablets (Pack of 15)
Part #90117 – Mini-Skimmer Spill Kit!

Part #90117 – NEW Mini-Skimmer Spill Kit!

  • Let Mini-Skimmer help clean up those oily, messy spills around your CNC machines.
  • 10 general purpose absorbent pads for both oil, water, & grease – 25% more absorbent than New Pig!
  • 2 Absorbent Socks for oil & water (4′ x 3″) – great for preventing spills from spreading.
  • 5 Oil Only Sorbent Pads – Perfect for MRO applications.
  • 5 Hazardous Material Disposal Bags, 3 pairs of Nitrile Gloves, all in an easy to carry, durable bucket.


Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors are a great complement to the Mini-Skimmer or Maxi-Skimmer in your machine shop.

Watch this video showing the benefits of Filtermist. Four standard sizes and all the spare parts and accessories you need are always in factory stock for same-day shipping.

Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors