Skimerator Box Assembly


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The Skimerator® Coolant Aeration and Oil Removal System was designed to separate tramp oil from machining coolant while aerating the coolant to slow the growth of bacteria. In operation, floating oil is skimmed off the top of the coolant in the sump and into the skimmer box where it is pumped to the reservoir. A float in the skimmer box allows only a small amount of surface coolant and oil floating on the coolant to enter the pump inlet hose and a removable trash screen prevents larger metal particles from entering the pump.

There are three variations of skimmer boxes are available. The shallow draft box (#4428) can accommodate a coolant level variation of 3″. When the coolant level varies up to 5”, the deep draft box (#4429) is recommended. The shallow draft box can be used in deeper sumps where the access opening will not allow the deep draft box to be used.  For coolant level variation greater than 5″, a floating box (#3201F) can be used.

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